Dear friend,Елена Железцова Григорий Болгов

We are Elena and Grigoriy, a happy couple from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

We are happy to meet you on this site and inroduce our Image Creation Technology.

A year ago, while exploring the internal traumas, we made a discovery that quickly changed our lives and also lives of many people which were trained by us during this time.

Many teachers of the planet repeats for centuries: the truth is inside us. Today we can say that they are able to control our lives and health through changing thoughts and beliefs. The most powerful force in the universe is the action of the human subconscious.

Only a small part of our mind is conscious, and most of the mind is unconscious. That's why for an ordinary person it is difficult to keep following and change his thoughts. He needs to get thoughts out of the depths of the unconscious and heal traumas that we have accumulated over our realizations  in the world. That is what we have been working on for several years.

Often, the most insignificant events, like intentionally or accidentally told words from a parent to a child, executions, inner traumas etc form "unconscious experience" and as a result - the identity of a person.

Exploring deep traumas we noticed that it is possible to work on healing traumas and heal different experiences for a long time, but the more we kept focus attention on the fact that we do have traumas, the more they went up like layers of silt. When consciousness returns inside - miracles happen!

A year ago we made the discovery that if the attention is directed inside with the intention to remember the real truth about health, love, youth, senility, longevity, happiness, freedom, etc. - the true human energy releases and awakens and as a result all the traumas which associated with painful experiences are healed. After that it is much easier to think of desired things. At the same time we kept the focus on human strength, integrity, love, health, abundance, which is the original truth of him. It is known to all, the thing we keep the focus of attention on - increases.

What happens during the awakening of true knowledge: the dormant areas of the brain are activated, the speed of thought increases, so people are starting to consciously control their thoughts, and therefore their lives.

The method of working with the deep subconscious we called "Image Creation Technology", because our subconscious mind communicates with us through images. E.g. when you say a word "my mother" - you immediately imagine an image of your mother that painted with feelings you have been experiencing towards her.

Understanding how to deal with health in the Image Creation Technology, we realized during a session. We were looking at the image of perfection - and here to us at the same time with the client has come the understanding - the body is perfect the way it is right now, it does not need to remake and the only thing you need to remember what is health in originally true meaning.

If a body is an expression of person's thoughts, it means that the disease is the result of his belief that the body is exposed to disease. We form our thoughts throughout our lives. For the person a disease is inability to recognize Himself, God and Nature, and therefore, the inability to express themselves and do something for what he came into this world.

Thus we become strangers to ourselves, to the universe, life, no longer understand what to do and what not to, how to live, how to use our own energy (and also life) harmoniously and creatively.

Everyone has an inner pattern overall health, well-being, balance and integrity. The essence of true healing is to afford to go back to the state of completeness.

All what we fight with - enhances. The same thing about diseases. To fight with disease, it is something to fight with peace to finally get it!? Nonsense.

Purifying deep resentments, we direct our consciousness to the fact that the disease exists. Superconsciousness knows that the disease - it is no more than an illusion created by us. We offered to our students to shift the focus to the fact that the health of the body exists. To search for health, not for a disease! Inside us there's pure knowledge about health, love, prosperity and harmony. In every person there is a great part of the energy that has created everything (seas, oceans, land, people, animals etc). And this knowledge is pure.

We also create our own worlds as Great Spirit created the whole world. The only difference is that in our world we entered our body, our loved ones, our home, our city, our friends, the people who we read, watch, meet by chance in the street - it's our world we have created. None of the situation or the person will not come into the world without our tacit invitation.

We have identified two main ways to work with the awakening images.

The ways are very simple, they are intended for a completely ordinary person without any special abilities, without additional knowledge, the main thing is power of intention and understanding.

They came after us thinking about the essence of things, that every thing, an object, a condition, in every situation there is the main spiritual essence. When we went inside, we were looking for the essence, the essence of things, bodies and phenomenon.

What is the basis of all? The idea of a spiritual prototype, that is something for what this body, an object etc were created.

The first way - through meditation. E.g. we offer to our clients to think about what health is for them and say whatever came into their heads. Typically, the first a client tell that he has on a conscious level and then, continue to question himself "what health is for me as I knew it initially" - rises up all that is on an unconscious level. The ultimate goal is the truth about what health is, as a man knew it initially.

Here's a review of our student about the process of working with image of the heart:

"I would like to share my joyful experience. I healed my heart. I had arrhythmia and rhythm periodically broke, even 2 times a month. I was afraid to drink coffee because the rhythm was broken immediately. I worked with images of heart, coffee, benefit etc. I even drink coffee now and everything is OK. Hooray! And also I got the idea that it is easy now to treat allergies because an image of an allergen can be also created …"

The true knowledge of everything exists inside each of us. It is extremely important to present in the here and now moment, to be focused on the process and honestly monitor all the thoughts, feelings, words that come in during the process.

The second way that we use all the time is very simple and fast. Imagine a deep glass well (the image of the well is needed in the early stages of working with the subconscious for sensitive customers, because when you dive inside, the subconscious might not allow you to keep going, protecting mind from painful experience).

Imagine how you are going into a well with a certain intention, with a certain question. For example, I want to find out what my health is as I knew it initially. You begin to imagine how you are going down. That is, literally with your own eyes, with the mind's eyes, imagine how you get into in.

Do not hurry, do it slowly, confidently and calmly, while watching the breath, and at the same time you keep monitoring all thoughts that come to you during going this way: thoughts, pictures, images, feelings, emotions etc. Just watch yourself. What is going on with you, which pictures are coming through. At the end of this journey, at a time when you have reached the bottom, here is the true essence of your question. It is inside you, within your subconscious.

At this moment you turn on the knowledge of what is true for you. You will not listen to anyone at that moment, you will not turn to any external source, it will happen by itself. You will remember true image of the true knowledge, which you have initially. You will feel this incredible vibration that occur at this time. When you feel it completely, you will enjoy. Very often, awakening of inner knowledge is making waves of tears: "How could I forget about it?!"

When you dive into yourself and recollect your inner truth, instant healing of painful experiences comes inside and releases energy that awakens dormant parts of the brain contributing to the disclosure of the pituitary gland.

Previously, only a few of those who believed in the possibility of self-healing powers of the brain, actually really believed in it - and thus succeed in changing living conditions. Now, when a person can easily find the truth within himself and heal it on a deep level, "miraculous" healings become to be available for more and more people.

Just a few years ago, we had many diseases in our bodies, and beliefs through which the minds couldn't transcend, we had a lot of "blocks" in the subconscious that shaped our experience of life, and control all the processes in our bodies and our lives. Now, thanks to the discovery made by us and diving into ourselves, we are able to awake unlimited resources of energy within ourselves, and it is easy to shift our focus to the desired event and, in a short time, to change our state of health and living conditions.

We will be very grateful to you for any feedback. We know that you are looking for ways to heal the subconscious to help maximum quantity of people to change their health and their lives. A year with the awakening of true knowledge, results and feedback of our students allow us to say that we found what people were looking for ages - Image Creation Technology - the simple way to real yourself.

Feedback from our students you can find here (it's in Russian though): http://obreteniemasterstva.ru/otzyvy-o-texnologii-obraznogo-tvoreniya/

With Love and Faith in wisdom of every existing persons' hearts,

Grigoriy and Elena Bolgovy

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