“If you want to be happy, you don’t have to go anywhere. Wherever you go, whatever you posses, whatever you do- all this is searching for happiness outside. And happiness found outside, will be lost outside.

Only that man is looking inside himself- who has realized all the silliness of his trials of looking for happiness outside. That man as a rule has discovered that even if all his conditions are being fulfilled- he is not getting the happiness that could have totally satisfied him from the outer world.”


You have heard one hundred times about the Truth hidden inside of us. You have read wise sayings of great enlightened men about the answers for all the questions and about the illusiveness of all the occurring events. More than that you have definitely tried to apply all this knowledge to your life and you have surely achieved the desired results. Or you haven’t…

Nowadays the knowledge about the inner Truth is free for appliance on the site. Detailed description, ready instructions, meditations and exercises for the easy journey inside yourself- are in open access laid out on the shelves and adapted for a modern man’s perception.

However, many people yet don’t understand what can be done with the help of this knowledge? “What will I get? How will it help to change my life? To become happier, richer, healthier…” From this point please read very attentively. If you are sick and tired from relying upon Universal Mind, the next transition to a new reality or sensitive care of higher forces- you will find out a new vision as for the Truth.

How to Awaken Images and Why One Should Do It

  1. We all think with images. And there is no need to explain the principle of the process of reality creation based on the law of attraction of the similar images which are inside of us.

The importance of awakening of the Truth about everything around us- is a personal matter of everyone. You may not awaken any Truth if you are totally satisfied with everything in your life. But if you want easy changes for the better come into your life- it is the time to dip inside of you.

  1. Initially the way to your “consciousness department” where your Truth lives may be not that easy since it’s rather unusual to draw attention inward.

We are used to draw our attention to the outer world. To see with our eyes, to hear with our ears, to sense with our skin. That is to see the secondary physical manifestations of the world and to react according to our regular way of thinking. But it is enough to make this way consciously for several times and everything will work out easily and simply.

  1. To be in the Now Moment – is an important and I should say a key point.

If you are worrying about something, you will not be able to concentrate. You will be constantly distracted and disappointed because of the absence of the result…

  1. To remember about breathing and to breathe.

To let yourself relax and breathe in deeply and freely is a matter of some training and practice. Breathing helps you to dissolve the tension in the body and to calm the constant chatter in your head.

  1. To stop thinking and to start contemplating.

These are two different processes, aren’t they? We are always thinking, but we are contemplating not very often. To make your own conclusions and follow them is a skill which not many people possess. It is much easier to do it like all or as you are used to and to get the relevant result.

  1. Not to surrender if you fail once or twice but to go on with your new undertaking not letting external factors to revert you to the old familiar tracks- is the most difficult thing.

How often we invent justifications for our laziness and our fear of changes? The smallest doubts reinforced by skepticism of the surrounding become a concrete barrier and we quit.

  1. Thoughtless and indiscriminate application of the new instrument no matter how perfect it is- leads one to tiredness and tension.

As a result, complete refusal and disappointment. To perform “the correct” actions, not to meditate like a crazy hoping for the perseverance and patience. Lightness, playful mood, and the accurate choice of direction- guarantee the result.

So, What Can You Get Recolling Your Truth?

Your own, unique and native, similar to no thing in the world Truth about everything around you. That very Truth which awakens and opens your sealed energy and dissolves the tension in your body. First of all, you will get NEW YOURSELF. Yourself who does not store offences and does not live in the past, who does not condemn, but who is interested in his own life, who understands the real world structure and opens his heart towards new experiences.

Yourself, who knows his own answers for all the questions, and these answers are the most precise and clear. With opening of your True Images you awaken the sleeping in you energy and unpack your abilities, which you have since your childhood gaining a new level of freedom and calmness.

And You Can Do All This Starting Right Now

Having made up your mind and having studied a bit the concept of the Image Creation Technology (ICT), please do your first Dipping Inside of You Meditation. Please try the meditation and share your impression in our Facebook group :)


  Some materials were taken from the book by Osho “Die, Yogi, die”

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