There are no any random or chance meetings, you probably know that. This is a story that inspired me to share on social medias about our Image Creation technology even more.
In July this year, I received a message on Facebook from one young woman. She asked me for a personal session.
After the first session together, I already knew all about what exactly had not been allowing her to live the life she had been sought for so long time. Despite of the fact she had been experienced a lot of digging and spiritual practices before…
In the personal meeting, after 2 months, she told me the backstory of that Facebook message.

Do you believe in miracles? I DO, and they happen more and more often!

12799294_10209336160428175_1938082021963286501_nHello, guys! My name is Yuliya Shiva from Almaty, Kazakhstan. I am an author of HR projects, the "turnkey" training system. I establish and implement the corporate culture. My website is "Trainings which inspire" and here is my story:

"Imagine: everything is awful, in every field of my life. I am at the hospital... I am just lost, and do not even know what to do with my life. I am tired of the endless trials and digging into myself. Trying to just distract myself from all these gloomy thoughts, I am scrolling Facebook timeline, checking news, feedbacks, reading notes. Suddenly I see the post: "If you are tired of all endless digging stuff and do not see the exit - Image Creation Technology will help you to find it". Immediately, I started checking and reading to learn more and with no postponement signed up for a session.

At the session with Elena I learnt such simple things which seem just obvious now: I left my previous activities just in vain; I have been learnt all those knoweldge for a reason. Probably many of us are tired of the uncertainty in our favorite work, and then we go to the work you just okay with, because you see much more money or new facilities there. Although you have almost entirely forget and devalue your previous extensive experience and knowledge. But let me tell you something now. You have not learned anything in this life without a reason! All the ways you passed and skills you got, you need to lead you to somewhere in the future, to your mission. Perhaps you cannot see anything that might open new doors in the future for now. First you will have to accept and love yourself. Exactly then all the puzzles will develop into a complete picture of the world, and you will understand what for you needed every experience you have. I am very happy that I heeded Elena then.

Later in August, I decided to orginize Image Creation Technology course in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Despite the fact that I already knew, that The IMT works (thanks to that personal session with Elena) I no longer believed in "miracles" because of more than one year the different practices and constant digging into myself... In August you can usually assemble for a course or a training only about 8-12 people because of a holiday season. That time I assembled 30 people for The Image Creation Technology course! That was just unbelievable!

Just a little over a month after the course I realized, miracles happen: I'm back in business, I have so many ideas and projects and get dozens of proposals. In a word, everything is so cool that I do not even want to talk about it much! And it is so natural!

Many people which saw the results and feedback from the students after The ICT course also decided to join. Now everything is wonderful: I am full of strength and great inspiration. I provide trainings and courses for coaches in various fields. I have a lot of plans and even more energy to implement all my ideas. I dream, and let myself to wish.

I can surely say: I am happy. Miracles are just around me everyday and every minute! It feels like magic first, but then you realise it is how it should be!

Let me give you an example: There is a cute place in my city, a cafe with "the stone of desires" inside (everyone can whisper their wish and it will materialize). This morning I was having my coffee there and asked the stone for money. When I went out I saw 2000 tenge on the ground! Just 15-20 minutes left since I wished! "Thank you The Universe! You paid for my coffee! I desire more miracles! ❤"

In short, after the course, you will not be the same person. I can not believe that there is nothing to "work on" anymore! In my opinion, The Technology is more focused on those which are tired of working on themselves and endless digging and just want to stop. I stopped. And I wish you the same! I also accepted myself and returned to my natural look and stopped straightening hair. I have got so cute curls! Actually, I think this is the most important result for me.

This is so important and so difficult to accept and love ourselves completely and unconditionally. In conclusion, let me tell you about how we create our own problems, based on the experiences of others or banal "this is not possible" things.

Here are a few examples of when I did not just know about the possible difficulties and they did not pursue me: I did not know that the HARPER's BAZAAR team does not hire people without experience, I came and got a job in 1 day. I did not know that only the top managers can get a personal driver. I made a request which was approved immediately. I did not know which companies "never advertise in the magazine". I checked all of them and they bought advertising space. I did not know that managing two businesses at the same time is difficult, and everything was great. Once I believed that is no easy and lost one. I did not know, it is difficult to implement the project with Sberbank (the huge bank structure in Russia and Kazakhstan), and I started a corporate training center just in 2 years "from scratch". I "did not know" about difficulties, and was just working on, all those things worked out great. Do what you want to do, and "do not know" about experiences of others.

With love, Yuliya Shiva


All happens for a reason. We tent to cry for help when we are down, stuck or broken.

In November 2015 I have found myself in a devastating state. Second half of 2015 was tough, full of unexpected losses. A loss is not an easy endure to take and it does seem to come in one.

This time I was more desperate than ever. Luckily one has friends who care and they never let one down. I have been blessed with the right people in my life. And thus, I was invited to meet Elena Zheleztsova and Gregory Bolgov.

Little did I know at the time, but was just trusting my Doctor, who I dare now call my dear Friend, Oxana Yurkina. What I heard from Elena and Georgy had not had much of new idea, but it had a technique how to apply what I knew long before.

The method is very simple and it takes you to the core of it all, it gives you a complete new view and understanding of everything one can possibly think of!

I started to live what I learnt and over the past few months have been seeing  qualitative changes in every aspect of my life: improved relations with loved ones, increase of financial flow (in the time of crises!), changes in my health and every day living.

A deeper understanding of self brings you a new dimension of joy of life, happiness and living in the NOW. You see new horizons for your dreams and you find no limit to what GOD has for you.

It is an amazing method - a discovery of 21 century  that anyone can learn and use. Get to know yourself and have a “WOW” moment every step of a way of creating and living a life you choose and always wanted to live!

The method has shown a way in just few steps how to come from a freezing, dark winter into a full blossom of a beautiful and happy spring of life!


With love, Yuliya 

PS: Sometimes there are moments when you do not in yourself and think that everything is really bad... but as soon as you remember who you really are, how many potentials you have got and start concentrating on what you are able to do, the sun starts to shine again!
I am very glad that every story of awakening is special, as every person in this world!!! And each of the people we work with simply chose to recall their power within.
Remember, you create everything in your life, you take all the decisions. We believe, you are ready to live from your heart, to live with an open heart, choosing abundance, pleasure and harmony!
With Love and unconditional faith in your potential,Elena Zheleztsova,co-author of Image Creation Technology



Image Creation Technology is the easiest method of transformation of reality, so far. Everyone who gets familiar with the method, appreciates its simplicity, speed of internal transformations and changes, which taking their place in the physical world rapidly.

Everything in our physical world is a reflection of non-physical phenomena. Changing the world of every single person - we change the public conscious to the side of love, acceptance and freedom globally.